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Future Today Inc., is committed to bridging content owners with audiences all over the world. With our cloud-based solution, over 1,000 apps have been launched on OTT platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more. Our partners range from independent YouTube channels to media companies syndicating content to broadcast networks. We are a One-Stop-Shop for app creation, streaming, audience development, monetization, and analytics.

Flagship Channels

In addition to creating and managing third party channels we also own and operate some of the largest channels on OTT Platforms.

  • FREE package of channels personalized to your interest.
  • Top 25 Free Channel on Roku
  • Top 5 Channel in Kids & Family

Available In:

  • android
  • firetv
  • roku
  • apple TV

Our History


Future Today Inc. is founded as a video distribution and technology company.

iFood.tv Launched

iFood.tv is launched as a way for food focused video producers to distribute their content beyond YouTube.

Launched iFood.tv Mobile

Launched iFood.tv mobile apps (12 total) Currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Launched iFood.tv Smart TV

Launched iFood.tv Smart TV apps (12 total). Currently available on Roku, Google TV, Boxee, Yahoo connected TV and LG.

Launched Other Verticals

Launched Kids channels, style, travel, fitness, health, and many other genres.

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