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Alok Ranjan

Co- Founder

Vikrant Mathur

Co- Founder

David Di Lorenzo

SVP, Kids & Family

Jennifer D’Alessandro

Head of Ad Sales & Marketing

Rajiv Ranjan

Head of Finance and

Katya Shkolnik

Head of Partnerships &

Soma Sengupta

Head of Partner

Mark Smith

VP - Ad Products, Operations and Strategy

Jared Ramirez


Sundeep Gulati

AVP - Content Acquisition and
Partner Management

Prerna Sharma

Director, Marketing and
Content Acquisition

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Future Today Inc. do?
Future Today Inc. is a leading streaming technology provider specializing in OTT and CTV ad-supported solutions for content creators and advertisers. The comprehensive portfolio of technology and services includes Channel as a Service (CaaS), FAST Channel launch, content management and publishing, app development and maintenance, cross-channel promotion, advertising, monetization and more.

What devices are supported by Future Today Inc. technology?
Devices supported by our technology are Connected to TV, Mobile, Tablets and the Web.

What are the flagship channels of Future Today Inc. and where can I watch them?
Flagship channels of Future Today Inc. are HappyKids, Fawesome, Filmrise and iFood.tv. The channels can be accessed instantly online from any OTT device, that includes streaming media players (Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Comcast, etc.), smart TVs (LG, Samsung, VIZIO, etc.), smartphones, tablets, and more!

How many partners does Future Today Inc. work with?
Future Today Inc works with 300+ content partners such as Marvista, Lionsgate, Cinedigm, LEGO, Kabillion, AFV, Spinmaster, Filmrise, Mattel, Moonbug, etc. for the distribution of content on AVOD channels

What kind of content is supported by Future Today Inc.?
Future Today hosts all kinds of content ranging from Movies & Lifestyle to Kids & Family.